Sightseeing in Rhodes

Medieval city of Rhodes

The medieval city of Rhodes or Old Town, is a UNESCO World Heritage,
developed around the fortress-citadel of Rhodes, probably after the
earthquake of 515 AD.

Considered one of the oldest active medieval towns and the meeting
point of many cultures.



Ancient Stadium

The ancient stadium (or stadium of Diagoras) is located on the hill of
San Stefanos, near the ancient theater.

It dates from the Hellenistic period (3rd or 2nd century BC.), time of
Alion, great sporting events in honor of god Helios ie Apollo, patron
of the island.




On Filerimos hill lies the Acropolis with monuments of ancient,
Byzantine and Knights' periods.

On the Acropolis you can visit the medieval Catholic monastery,
the Monastery of Filerimos and the imposing Cross with height
267 meters.



Valley Of Butterflies

Perhaps the most famous sample of natural beauty on the island
of Rhodes, is undoubtedly a worth to visit.

One of the most rare natural habitats in Europe which in summer
becomes shelter for the butterfly Panaxia Quadripunctaria such is
scientific name.




Lindos is 55 km away From Rhodes city and its beaches and its
ancient monuments make it a popular tourist destination.

Above the modern town dominates the ancient citadel, a
naturally fortified position which was utilized by the ancient
inhabitants of the region.